Aesthetically Designed

Web sites at a fraction of the cost of big design company would charge. You are starting a business and you need a website, but no need to borrow so much to get one.

Every Business Need

Web presence, even if only for the exchange of basic information. Today many people looking to buy products or services online compare, either from your desktop or mobile phone. Your business has to appear when someone is looking for.

Social Networks

Even if you do not believe it, I can teach you the business benefits of entering the 2.0 world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube can be excellent business partners whenever expand your company network by virally. Let advise him on this point also.

Web Presence

Today the Internet is a tool used worldwide for any information. The Web allows us to access multiple resources and know many things with amazing speed.

Social Networks

We are living in a time when people are hyperconnected, a generation that the screen of a computer or a smartphone to a TV spends more hours ahead. Really we can not afford to get all this potential audience?

Ebay Templates

The most important platform for e-commerce world and you want to get into it. But not one to heap more need to make a difference, with modern designs, stylish and aesthetically perfect templates. Make your cash register ring incessantly within

The main reason I hear most people as to why they don’t have a website for your business is the cost. So for that, I decided I had to put more emphasis on website design and functionality to offer a good solution, without the new employer descapitalice.

This is what everyone wants to know, but unfortunately, there is no single answer. The duration of the work depends on its complexity and the number that touch you in the queue. With all the data and pictures on hand a “Basic” and “Intermediate” site could be ready in a week. An online shop, could be ready for 10 to 15 days.

I have had and handling customers who live outside the city and have done all the work by email or phone. This is not a problem for me. In a world with technology at our feet, we use it to our advantage and in the end I assure you that the end result will be desired.

Yes, I can have a plan for you. I am interested in making what I feel my services are worth, and not squeeze your bank account. I will be fair in the amount charged by our agreement and get a coveted final work. My clients have been pleased either way.

Let me take a break here. I do not pretend to be the “Super Guru” of web development. But eventually I want to become a great web developer. I have a good eye for design and I have very good taste for the aesthetic, which is more important than you think.

Since I decided to charge cheaper than most web companies in the industry and some developers, this has meant that I have to move faster than the competition and that for you will be a huge benefit. This means that time is both valuable and the information you give me the final product depends.


Work Performed

TuWingbox is a company that helps you to make your purchases at stores like AppleStore USA, Amazon, Ebay, Nike, Adidas, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, Ikea stores and thousands more …

You Wingbox also helps you to bring spare parts for your car and your appliances from the comfort of your home.

All shipments should be directed to the address in Orlando, should clearly indicate the name of the client and our company name, to avoid unnecessary delays.

Work Perfomed: WebSite Development, Shipping Calculator.

The job took me just two weeks, I never imagined it was that simple. Just type what you needed and Ismael care of the rest.

—Sergio Biasetti - CEO

Work Perfomed

Technology consulting company established in Carabobo state, serving major technological needs that small and medium industries, such needs are: CCTV Systems, Network Installation, Installation of Servers, Virtualization Services, On-Site Repair and recently; we attach to our portfolio of services, Management Systems Consulting A2.

Work Performed: WebSite Development and Management of Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter account)

Diseño justo como lo pedimos. Muy conforme con todo el desarrollo de nuestro site; desde la redaccion de los textos, hasta la seleccion de imagenes. Trabajamos en equipo por dos semanas y el resultado fue excepcional.

—Mario Figueroa - Partner



Basic Information, Some Photos, Simple and Efficient Navigation, Small Gallery
  • Vision Pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Small Gallery
  •  Links to Social Accounts
  • + Email
  •  Dynamic Homepage
  • More InformationPages (up 5)
  •  Multimedia (Video, Music)
  • OnLine Shop
  • Massive Mails Service

Making Money

Online Stores, Shopping Carts options, all designed to make your bank account grow.
  • Vision Pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Small Gallery
  •  Links to Social Accounts
  • Email
  • Dynamic Homepage
  • More InformationPages (up 5)
  • Multimedia (Video, Music)
  • OnLine Shop/Shopping Carts
  • Massive Mails Service

NOTE: The total price will depend on the complexity and additional features apart from fees for domain registration / hosting / maintenance.

  • Wordpress Development 95%
  • On Line Shops Development 100%
  • Ebay and Facebook Templates 100%
  • Photoshop 60%
  • Dreamweaver 80%
  • MySQL Knowledge 60%

Who I Am

Cinephile, a lover of good music, virtual backpacker and sometimes real. Apprentice of photographer and love of a good landscape, especially if I’m in good company.

Permanent inhabitant World 2.0 and faithful believer of the proper use of social networks, both to friends and to grow a small company into a giant.

I am defending WordPress and the poetry in his code and I am a constant seeker of story invention can be performed in this wonderful platform. Which dear reader, includes you, your need to be on the Internet and your desire to take your business to the world WWW.

Without offering villas and castles, nor enthralled with convoluted ideals, only offer my clients real solutions in virtual spaces.

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